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Seoul Family

President of the Company

Seoul Asian Market #1

San Antonio



Hyun Kim

Merry Kim

Jae Chang

Seoul Asian Market #2



Aiden Kim

About Us

        Seoul Asian Market was renewed on 2004, and always work hard to retain and grow Korean culture and community. In the beginning, the original name of Seoul Asian Market was Seoul Foods, however, with San Antonio’s Korean community’s attention and love, it was possible to make accomplishment to this far. From now on, our Seoul Asian Market will not just stay with market, we will change our name to Seoul Family to provide more and variety of services. We will always work hard to improve Seoul Family. Please continuously give us lots of support and attention.


                Seoul Asian Market Online is Seoul Asian Market’s Online Store in San Antonio, Texas. This website has same products that are sold at Seoul Asian Market. Our Staff will work hard be honest and kind to provide best service for customers. For more information, please contact


Seoul Asian Market staff and administration.

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